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the tears
Written by LaurelLaurel Palladino
Worry, Pray and Worry Some More…..
I was asked recently if I worry less about my children now that they are older. Without hesitation, the answer was a solid no. Sorry to report my friends, the worry just increases with age.

I feel like this is my current situation. Worry. Nothing major mind you-just adult children. Anyone feel me? They aren’t just new to adulting they’re pretty seasoned at it…almost 27 and 24, married and having kids of their own. And as my dad would say I have shifted into high gear worry. They are wonderful humans, they work hard, pay their bills on time and overall contribute to society in a positive way. But I swear every time they call my heart rate goes up (boys if your reading this, don’t stop calling, I love talking to you).

I know this is normal, the stakes are higher, I have zero control, I can’t ground them or insist they check in when they get somewhere. Some days I have no idea where they are. Sometimes I bribe them with dinner just so I can lay eyes on them.

I wish I knew how to not worry about them as much. I have talked to other mothers and it seems to be an epidemic. Even when they are the best and are killing it as adults we worry anyway. Maybe it’s just part of the job. My dad told me once that when you become a parent you get a lifetime of debt that can never be repaid. Kind of depressing if you think about it too long. The upside is, that just like every other phase of motherhood, I wouldn’t change this for anything. Watching them grow into these fine young men is the greatest blessing of my life.

So hang in there mama, no matter what phase of mothering you are in, hang in there. If you are in the up all night phase and wondering if it will end or maybe you have a kiddo struggling in school or a new driver, hang in there. Go ahead and worry, then pray and then if you need to, worry a little more. We are all just doing our best and they’re going to be ok.

So, here’s my story…

I am Laurel, an author and advocate for those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. Through my book, “Laughing Through The Tears,” I hope to shed light on the journey of those affected by this condition and offer a unique perspective that combines laughter and resilience.

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