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the tears
Written by LaurelLaurel Palladino
Timing is Everything
Sometimes you don't know why something is happening until much later and then it all just makes sense.
A grateful woman

What a crazy few weeks it has been.

The book was released on September 1st and has been very well received.I am overwhelmed by the love and support people have shown and just want to say thank you to everyone who has purchased a copy.

I had no idea when I wrote this where it would lead but I think it’s starting to make sense.

I felt alone during my journey. Don’t misunderstand I had tons of  support, friends and family who walked through this with me and loved me and prayed for me. I mean alone as in no one else was struggling with this disease, not that I wished that on anyone, but I felt like no one got it.

As I finished the book and the publishing, advertising and promoting phase came I heard from so many that had a loved one just receiving this diagnosis. Even today I am learning that people I grew up with are struggling with it, parents of my childhood friends, people I have known my whole life. I am heart broken that they will have to travel this road but maybe that is the purpose of the book, to help someone else.

Timing really is everything.

We talked a lot about when to release the book, it could have happened sooner but we waited for just the right time. I didn’t question it, I just went with what seemed to make sense to everyone involved in the process. Now I know.

So, here’s my story…

I am Laurel, an author and advocate for those impacted by Alzheimer’s disease. Through my book, “Laughing Through The Tears,” I hope to shed light on the journey of those affected by this condition and offer a unique perspective that combines laughter and resilience.

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